Being’s Believing!

The other day I was listening to an Abraham Hicks YouTube video in which they were asking the participant if she believed she could have it all?


The question resonated with me and I started to ask myself the same thing, do I believe I can have it all?


My response wasn’t a no but rather a “heck I’m ready to believe I can have it all!”


I started an internal dialogue about what exactly having it all means to me.  As my conversation went on in my head I noticed how good I felt, how excited I was to begin believing that I could really have it all. My mind just went on and on about all the possibilities in my life.


This feeling was feedback that I really believe that statement and in fact the universe affirmed it when I got into the car and my favorite 80’s song “What a Feeling” was on the radio. Here’s the interesting part… the words of the song I had never noticed until that moment. But it’s the line I heard right as I turned on the radio:



I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.

The line repeated several times and I was in awe…really did I hear that right?  All these years I’ve listened to that song and I never really heard the words till that moment.


The moment I started to believe that I could have it all! My favorite all time song was talking to me this entire time. I even did a dance to this song in my dancing school years!


That’s how it works, that’s how the law of attraction and the universe respond to what you are feeling. These little affirmations like a song, book, video or conversation is the universe letting you know you got it.


So here’s the link to the Flashdance song “What a Feeling” I recommend listening to the words carefully and feel the inspiration she’s singing about.

Maybe this could be your new theme song to get you believing you can have it all or maybe you can start listening to your favorite songs from a new perspective.


Once you listen to the song tell me if you heard it differently? Were you like me and never really connected to the words?


So now, pay attention to what you are feeling and how the universe is reflecting it back to you.


Now, I’ve given you some easy simple tips this month, I want to hear how you are implementing these tips. My clients are seeing results from new jobs to better relationships. want to go deeper let’s chat and discuss how I can assist you by clicking here

Let’s make 2016 Your Best Year!



Christine Bove


PS- February is going to be a very “sweet” month… be sure to stay tuned!!!


3 Words to Take Back Your Power


When I was working in the corporate world before smartphones were popular, I recall my co-worker telling me about her husband refusing to get a Blackberry from his company.  He said he did not want to give his boss 24 hour access to him leaving him without an excuse to be off the clock.


I always remember that story because I think he had a really valid point. Now it seems that is the norm – 24 hour access. I spend many of my lifestyle coaching sessions helping clients eliminate the stress of their daily activities. I find that my recommendations for meditation or taking spa days to relax and rejuvenate is the biggest challenge I have with my clients.  It is because it is so difficult for people to be off the grid so to speak.


We live in a world where everyone has round the clock access to you from email to Facebook messenger it’s no wonder women are so stressed out.


So how do you change that?


Let me give you a new mantra… It Can Wait!


I’m guilty of it, out shopping getting in my car and checking my phone…why? Nothing is that important.  Or answering the phone while I am cooking.  Do I really need to talk to that person now?  Wouldn’t it be nice if I stayed focused on my meal and call when I am done? Besides, people want our full attention when we are talking to them and vice versa!  We really aren’t that good at multi-tasking!


So, let’s discuss how to start taking back your power with your new power words.  Simply, when you are presented with a choice, ask yourself, “Can this wait?” “If I do this later, will I have a better result?”  “What benefit is there if I decide to wait?”


What benefits will you gain if you decide to wait?  You will be less stressed, you will stay focused on your present task (remember my word for this year?  FOCUS!) and you will be in a better mood allowing your relationships to be stronger.


So much can change for you when you decide something can wait until later and keep your attention on the most important task you need to do right now.


It just takes 3 words!  Write it down and repeat it throughout the day.  I would love to hear the shifts you begin to see in your life when you implement these 3 power words!  Leave your comments below.


Love & Success,

Christine Bove

4 Tips to Making Healthy Eating Easy

Eating healthy may not feel like the easiest thing to achieve these days. With your busy schedule cooking healthy meals can feel just too tiring.


As I mentioned in last week’s article, my word for 2016 is FOCUS. So, I am implementing it in all areas of my life including Clean Eating.


So often eating clean can feel like a lot of work there are so many distractions and easy less healthy options.  Our schedules and environment don’t support our healthy eating habits.  This is why we need FOCUS in making it easier for ourselves.


I’ve learned the best thing is to prepare ahead of time.  Assess what you have, what you need and which nights you can cook and which nights you need quick healthy easy meals.   


I’m not going to pretend I always get this right but when I do take the time to prepare and keep it simple, I achieve my goals and I feel better and have more energy because I am eating right!


So to start eating healthy begin tweaking and refining what you are eating on a weekly basis.  Choose some easy meals that you can prepare daily that will ensure you are getting at least 1-2 portions of the really good stuff!  Like smoothies.  That’s what I do.  I start the day with a smoothie filled with greens.  Then I can go about my day knowing I have had at least 1-2 servings of veggies before I walked out the door! This works for me… is that right for you… try it?


If your goal is to eat better, consider the following tips by trying out one or two of these suggestions and assessing what works for you.


  1. Make a Pinterest board with your favorite recipes. Make the Pinterest app work for you by storing quick, healthy and easy recipes. Plus, when you forget your shopping list at home (I’ve done this many of times 😉 You can open your app and quickly see what you need.  I breakdown my boards by dinner, desserts, side dishes and slow cooker recipes. All my boards consist of gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes. Click here to check out my boards. One thing I do to maintain these boards is to eliminate the recipes I didn’t care for and keep those I did.
    Pinterest image
  2. Another option is to create a recipe board in your kitchen. I have to say while I use Pinterest for my recipes it’s annoying when you are trying to follow the recipe on your phone as the screen shuts off, so when I can I prefer to print out the recipe and hang  it on the recipe board as I cook. Once I’m done and determined if I will cook this recipe again I either add it to my recipe binder or throw it out. I also keep any recipes I find in magazines and post them here and this helps for fresh new ideas. Another tip, I keep this tip sheet on food substitutions posted here, so often you are cooking and are out of an ingredients and here you can refer quickly to the tip sheet.
    FullSizeRender (2)
  3. Each week commit to preparing two healthy dishes. I love my crockpot, especially in the winter for making healthy soups. Prepare a big batch of soup at the beginning of the week and have it a couple of times that week. My favorite nights are coming home knowing all I have to do is warm up the soup I made with minimal dish cleaning. If you’re not using a crockpot I highly recommend it and you can even make desserts with it! 😉
  4. Bake a healthy dessert. Making a healthy dessert feels more exciting than trying to deprive yourself with no dessert.  We all know what happens when we deprive ourselves we end up snacking  junk food!  A healthy dessert doesn’t necessarily mean eating just fruit or something gluten free. For example, I love drinking hot chocolate but most brands have sugar and dairy, so I created a version with almond milk, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract and Stevia, this is what I enjoy as my dessert during the cold months. As I said, recipes can always be tweaked with healthier alternative ingredients.


I hope these 4 suggestions spark some new ways for you to get FOCUS-ed on your clean eating in 2016.  Pick one this week to try, see if it works for you and keep it up.  Maybe you can layer in 1-2 of the suggestions as you go.  It is all about setting a new foundation and new habits.  You can do it!


Now I want to hear from you, would you like more tips on how to eat healthy, find healthy  alternatives or learning how to entertain with healthy meals.Comment below and share with me what tips you would like to hear about.


Christine Bove

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