Are Your Cosmetics Clean?


I’ve talked about bad chi in your home and your mindset, but what about the bad chi in the things you are putting on your body? Why should you care about the ingredients in your cosmetics and cleaners?  Because what you put on your body gets absorbed into your skin.  So do you want your products to be clean or toxic?


You’ve probably heard about this topic, but you’ve put it on the back shelf because it seems overwhelming and too much information to research on your own.  Or maybe you just don’t want to give up that perfect eyeliner you love!  But this is not something you can ignore anymore, it is too important and now there is an easy app that brings all the information to your fingertips! Just this week I came across a new app called ThinkDirty.  It’s an app that helps you determine how clean or toxic your beauty and cleansing products are.

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You are probably familiar with a website called EWG with the same philosophy and information but it is so comprehensive and not always user-friendly.  ThinkDirty is super quick and easy to use to compare your products with what is clean and what is dirty!


For me I eat clean, workout and meditate, but I still struggle with hormonal imbalances.  I wonder if it could be what I am putting on my skin?  I try to use non-toxic beauty products, I love my Pratima Skincare line, an ayurvedic line of skincare products made from natural organic oils, but I haven’t found the perfect makeup and hair care products that I feel 100% confident are clean, in fact by looking on ThinkDirty, I discovered many I thought were clean actually are not!


Yep, I’m not going to call out these well known brands that scream how non-toxic and eco-friendly they are, but their secret is out.  I simply downloaded this free app and took out all my cleaning products and simply scanned each product and received a rating of clean or toxic. Not happy to learn that most of my hair care and some makeup was high on the toxicity levels. This may explain my allergy and hormonal struggles.


Here’s the best part once you scan the product and see the ingredients that are toxic, you can explore the products similar to this product but find the clean versions of them.


So cool!


Now, I consider this a work in progress and you don’t have to dump all your stuff at once. I suggest, scan a couple of items first then find better alternatives and put them into your “like” list on the app and then here’s the fun part –  go shopping! The app does allow you to shop online but I prefer in store. Yesterday, I went over to Whole Foods and was having fun using the scanner on the phone and boy it was disheartening to see how many products were not as clean as they claim, but it did feel good to know I wasn’t wasting my money!


So I encourage you, especially if you’ve been struggling with health problems, allergies, fatigue, brain fog, and illnesses to download this app and clean up your cosmetic and cleaning products to ensure you are putting things that are healthy on your body.


Let me know if you download the app – – and your experience. If you would like me to share some of my favorite clean products, hit reply and say, “Yes send me a list!”
Keeping you on the track for a good life!

Love and Success,

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Is it Possible to Really Love Your Job?

Is it possible to love your career? To be happy to go to work on Monday morning, to be happy everyday you work? Yes, it is. I know it to be true, but I will tell you that the journey of getting there isn’t easy.  If I had to do it again, I would have hired me (who I am now) to teach my younger self how to get on the path of least resistance.

For the past year, I’ve been working with clients on making mental shifts in their perspective on their job and career.  Many of my clients are either looking for advancement in their career or figuring out how to do something they are really passionate about. Along this journey I have discovered 3 steps that have had a major impact on my client’s success in their career.  

Would you like to really love what you do? To sleep better at night not dreading the next day of work? You can.  Its time to take action.

Check out my video and discover these important 3 steps! Click below:

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Feng Shui Tips for Buying or Renting a Home

Searching for a new home or apartment can feel exciting at first, but when it takes a while to find that perfect spot it can get frustrating!  Several years ago a flood forced me out of my apartment so I had to quickly search for a new place but it certainly wasn’t easy. In fact, at the time, it was just a nightmare! Looking back, I wish I had changed my thinking and went about things a different way.


When you are up against a deadline or when nothing seems to be available in the area you are looking in or if the price point just isn’t right, it can be downright maddening.  However, if I had to do it again, I would relax, set my focus on the things that I want in a home and believe that it will all unfold in the perfect time!  And that’s what happened. After 6 months of searching, I replied to an ad on Craig’s List and found my perfect apartment.  I knew it was it the moment my foot touched the ceramic tile when I entered the home.  My gut was right!


Whether it’s a new house, apartment or office space, people often make mistakes by neglecting to ask the right questions, ignoring their inner guide and not trusting in what they know they want. In this week’s video, I’m going to share the questions you need to ask and help reveal your inner guidance that you should never ignore!

Click Below to Watch the Video:

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