5 Tips to Get Organized for the Holidays

It’s hard enough to stay organized during the year, but when the holiday comes it’s even more challenging with holiday decorations, gifts, gift wrapping etc. How do you manage it all without having a breakdown? You can start simply by taking little steps each day, doing only the things you love and designating the tasks you dislike to others.


Let me ask you what tasks do you enjoy most during the holiday season? Decorating? Hosting parties? Shopping? Gift wrapping? Sending holiday cards? Is it possible for you to select the tasks you love and delegate your least favorite to others or not even do them?


As you make your plans for the holidays here are some tips that will help you lessen the stress whether you love or hate the tasks on your list.


  • Clear the clutter by discarding 9 items for 3 days. For 9 days, set aside 15-30 minutes to focus on one key area of your home. You will be a relieved to start clearing clutter before all the decorations and gifts start showing up in your home.
  • Organize your wrapping and gift area of your home.  Designating one spot will keep all your supplies together and organized. Review and replenish your wrapping paper, tape, bows, gift bags, ribbon, boxes, etc. Set a time to do your gift wrapping and make it fun playing your favorite music and visualize how excited people will be when they receive your gift. Here are some gift wrapping organizers.

    Hanging gift wrap organizer from the Container Store

  • Review your current decorations before you buy more, get clear on what setup you would like to have this season. You will save time and money if you review what you have and know what you need. This is the perfect time to discard anything you don’t love or that’s broken, as you can donate old decorations to families or charities that could use decorations this season.


  • Clean out your children’s toys and books to make room for the new gifts they will receive. Mom’s, this is a great tip for you to do while the kids are in school, go through their rooms and clean out what they’ve outgrown and the stuff they don’t use anymore. You know what they are getting for the holidays so make space for the new stuff now.


  • Organize your handbag and wallet to ease shopping. Have a designated envelope or cosmetic bag for gift receipts and coupons that you can keep with you. Or, you can designate a drawer for all your holiday receipts to keep from any money leaks. This will reduce so much stress by simply having all your shopping lists and receipts labeled and organized.

The more you can set aside time to organize yourself the less stressed you will feel and the more you will enjoy the holidays and spend time doing the things you love.


I hope you enjoy these tips and if you would like to share a tip that helps make your holiday season more enjoyable please share it below.


Love and Success,

P.S. If you feel overwhelmed about your home from clutter to getting organized now is the perfect time to set a Feng Shui organizing session. Click here and fill out this form to setup a Free call with Christine to discuss how she can help you get organized for the holidays.


Is Your Space Sabotaging Your Success?

Is Your Space Sabotaging Your Success?

It’s not the first thing people think about when they feel like nothing is working in their life, but the environments we spend our time in from home, to work to the people we hang out with have a strong impact on many levels. Especially for those who are sensitive and intuitive who are like sponges picking up everyone else’s energy. Is that you?

When I was younger I knew I could sense things but I never knew what it meant and how I would take on other people’s energy. In my early twenties, I went to an estchian who was very spiritual and she would say to me “you’re so sensitive” she must have said that in every session but I misunderstood what she meant. I would think… “No, I’m not, I’m not a baby or weak.” I saw it as a bad thing, a sign that I was weak, but that’s not what she meant. Ironically she began to introduce me into the spiritual world and I started to discover and understand energy – our energy, other peoples energy and later on I learned environmental energy with Feng Shui.

Here’s the thing, we are all sensitive and intuitive beings but there are many people who are more in tune and tap into the energies around us. How do you know? Well in Feng Shui sensitive people have strong qualities of metal and water. Do you notice you are really happy and then walk into work and your energy drops?  Do you find you’d rather spend time alone than with large crowds? Do you receive insights or have hits when something is about to happen?

 One day I was driving with a friend on the backroads of Greenwich and we were driving into Westchester and I knew immediately when we crossed the border. She was fascinated I said I don’t need the signs I feel the energy shift right away. Its become natural to me and now more than ever my intuitive skills are stronger. It’s taken me years to practice disconnecting my energy and learning to protect my energy so I’m not taking on others, something so many of us are not aware of.

In the beginning of my Feng Shui business I practiced energetic space clearing as a separate service. This was where some of most profound success stories come from.  Several involve helping people sell their homes that had been on the market for years and through several realtors. My most intriguing story was when a client called me in because she kept waking up at night and felt there was an entity or negative energy that was attacking her. She lived in a 100 year old barn that was converted into an apartment. As I performed my space clearing I picked up various energies throughout the space, but the interesting part of the session was when her cat came out. Now this tends to happen during consultations, people say my cat comes out for no one, but they always come out when I’m clearing. I believe animals help us to heal and my teacher told me cats tend to clear negative energies. So as I approached her bedr oom I picked up a strong disturbance in her bedroom. I felt a suicide had taken place in the barn and considering it’s 100 years old I’m sure the barn was full of happenings, but I did sense this was a suicide as I cleared the cat stood outside the door staring at me as if he knew what I was doing. The client looked at me and she could feel that cat was helping me. The cat started circling around and around until I felt the release and boom the cat went down the stairs to the front door and we opened the door and released the entity. I didn’t understand what happened at that moment and my client was in awe herself. As I drove home I tried to comprehend what happened, but all I could recall is what my energy teacher, Eric Dowsett, used to say, “Don’t get attached to the story just be and allow what needs to happen, happen.” That’s not easy in our world where we need to explain things, but after years of doing this for clients and my own healing experiences I will tell you healing happens in unusual ways and you have to trust it.

 My client reported to me she was able to sleep again and felt more peaceful in her home. She noticed the energy was more calming and while she was sleeping better she was also able to work better in her home office. So often people don’t think about the unseen energies from our space and how they can impact us, but it’s something we need to understand so we can avoid taking on other people energies.

After years of this work, it’s natural to me to just clear a space by just showing up, I naturally do it when I’m working with my Feng Shui clients. Over the years, I’ve taught my clients different tools they can do to protect their space and own energy. Now I’ve created a Space Clearing Meditation for you to do on your home. You can do this meditation anytime and anywhere. In this guided meditation I guide you through your home to clear any negative energies from you or previous occupants in your space. This meditation is powerful to help you awaken to anything that may be blocking you from moving forward in your life.

As you perform this clearing you may discover some old beliefs from your past that could be impacting your health, finances, relationships, etc. This Space Clearing Meditation is ideal if you are struggling to clear the clutter in your home, ended a relationship, buying or selling your home, recovering from an illness, struggling with emotional breakdowns or arguments, etc.

This meditation is perfect as we approach the holiday season.  With all the gatherings, busy shopping malls and hosting people in our homes, you will be interacting with many different energies and you will want to protect your own energy and the energy of your space. If you find yourself hosting a gathering for some of your least favorite people, it is important to remember to utilize this meditation the following day to clear your space of the negative energy.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

“Who wouldn’t want to Clear Their Space for New Beginnings? This is something that Christine has opened my eyes and heart to. I never understood at a basic and fundamental level, how much your environment plays into following your dreams and actually being able to make them come true. Her meditation will help you get to the bottom of your most frustrating spaces, allowing you to feel freedom and success like you’ve never experienced before. I am going to use this meditation whenever I am anticipating a new beginning. I can already feel the magic beginning to unfold after putting Christine’s visualization techniques into practice. Thank you for making this so fun and easy!

Creator of the Discovering Your Brand Story®


The meditation is a 20 minute guided meditation set to beautiful music (by Grammy-nominated composer, David Dachinger) you can listen to anytime anywhere. You can purchase your copy and get started in just minutes.

Click here and purchase your copy today.

Love and Success,


How to Organize Your Pantry for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is quickly approaching!


I know you have so much on your plate and the thought of preparing for the holidays feels like more stress than fun. But much of the stress is from waiting until the last minute and saying yes to things we don’t actually enjoy doing. The best way to enjoy the holidays is to set aside the time now to organize key areas of your space that will be impacted during the holidays.


Let’s start with your pantry since Thanksgiving is all about the meal!


I recall my Feng Shui teacher saying “organized pantry is a metaphor for organized checkbook” I felt that was so true! If your pantry is organized so that you can see all the food you have you will avoid buying duplicates, plus having a full pantry makes you feel abundant.


Keep reading and click here to download your convenient holiday pantry check-list.


Even if you’re not hosting a formal dinner during the holidays it is still a good idea to clean out your pantry.


  1. Check expiration’s on spices and dry goods. It’s something you don’t realize especially if you don’t cook with spices too much. Nothing is worse than starting to bake and discover your spices and baking items are expired. Here’s a good tip, try and buy small jars of spices you know you will never use and bigger ones of the spices you use most often. Often spices are a challenge to organize and now there are a variety of solutions for all sizes. For the best bargains on spices, check out Trader Joes and Fairway.


  1. Go through your pots, pans and baking dishes. Check to see if everything is in good condition. This goes for glassware too and if you are going to be traveling with food you will want to have proper food containers.


  1. Review your linens – placemats, tablecloths, dishclothes etc. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you have the right tablecloth but at the last minute discover there is a huge stain that never came out in the wash. Review what you have and consider getting some fresh new items if your feel tiresome, especially if you’re not excited to be host this year’s holiday dinner freshening up your table accessories will inspire you. Need inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards on holiday ideas.


  1. Clean out your fridge and oven. Where we store and cook our food should be clean and in good working condition. You want everything to flow successfully if you are cooking that day. A clean fridge and oven will make you feel better too. A quick fix is getting new drip pan and also liners for your fridge. Keep thinking of ways to set yourself up for success.


  1. Create a recipe board on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get new recipe ideas. You can create a board just for dessert or Thanksgiving and Holiday ideas. One thing I love about Pinterest is if I’m shopping in a store and forget my list, I can easily refer to Pinterest for ideas. If you’re not a pinterest fan then start collecting recipes and begin to create a list of ingredients you can buy ahead of time, keep another list for items you need to buy a couple of days before cooking. Have a binder or file folder with all your recipes.


The more you can prepare ahead of time for the holidays the less stress you will feel and the more fun you will have.Consider shopping during off peak hours. Get up early on a weekend morning or go in the middle of the week. I often shop during the off hours and it just feels so much more relaxing.  Even if you have to hire a babysitter for the kids you will be doing yourself a big favor!

PS- Don’t forget to download your Pantry Organization check list today.

 Love and Success,

If you feel overwhelmed about your home from clutter to getting organized now is the perfect time to set a Feng Shui organizing session. Click here and fill out this form to setup a Free call with Christine to discuss how she can help you get organized for the holidays.


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: “Feng Shui expert, Christine Bove, inspires successful women to allow their creative energies to flow into their environments, images and mindsets to improve their confidence, bring clarity to their future and set them up for success. Sign up to receive her 5 Feng Shui video tips at www.christinebove.com.”

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