Believe It and It Will Come

Do you believe there is a career you can really be happy with and be well compensated?


The answer to this question is essential for you in finding a place where you can do the work you love and have a lifestyle you desire.


Last week, I talked about the steps you should take before quitting your job.  I got so much feedback.  It really resonated with so many of you. Here’s the link if you missed it.


One comment I heard a lot was:

“What do you suggest that someone do if they really want to leave but can’t figure out what they would excel at? I have many interests so little time.”


This is a common question I often get when people ask me about my own journey to feng shui. My journey was not an easy one in fact it was harder than it needed to be.


You may not know that I started out as Speech Teacher and worked with handicapped children in a private school in Westchester, NY. After a year I knew that I didn’t want to continue this path and my desire was to work in the glamour of NYC corporate world. Well this transition was not easy as I lacked certain skills to get a job in the corporate world. I experienced many bumps in the road until I found a way in from a friend who had invested in a startup dot com company. That job became the stepping stone to another job working in a software company that eventually led me to feng shui.


Now I don’t have time to share my entire journey with all the tears and nightmares along the way, I will share that the bumpy road is how I was able to discover feng shui and create a business with it.


What got me here is the determination and desire to want it more than I feared it!


At the time I went through these changes I was in my 20’s and fearless! I didn’t care if you told me no, I was going to make it happen because I had a burning desire for it. That’s the key to success, you’ve got to want it more than your fear it! If you don’t believe you can have a career or business your truly love you need to shift this right now!


Oh but Christine, you don’t understand my job, you say!


We all have excuses but you’ve got to decide how much it costs you to stay where you are?


One way to change your story is by getting around people who love their jobs. Yes, there are people who love their jobs and you need to start listening to how they figured it out.


This is the one thing I did when I started college and was trying to figure out my major and it’s something I continually do to grow my business. Hearing others who have reached the success I want to achieve helps me believe it’s possible even on the day when things are blowing up in my face.


So I did everything from going to lectures, reading books or having tea with these people to learn what they did to find their dream job.


You can do the same today. First think about your coworkers, friends or family members who really love their work and ask them why they love it, listen to their stories get inspired. If you can’t find anyone read books of successful people you admire.


Have you ever heard the quote “ You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” by Jim Rohn?

quotevan (3)

This is a powerful quote and aligns with my philosophies of creating environments with positive energy.


Being in this energy helps you begin to shift your beliefs and feeling it’s possible to really love your work.

It’s essential to believe that you can find a job you love if you want it to happen.


Hearing other people’s stories will give you clarity on how they took action and came to a place they never expected.  And how you can too!


I never had a clue that I would end up of having a feng shui business, but I will share in high school I was into fashion and interior design but didn’t feel confident that I could pursue it as a career and now look where I am.


I do wish I followed the passion I had for these careers in high school, the road would have been a little  less bumpy!


To give you more clarity here is a video that I believe you should listen to over and over when trying to find work you love. Click here to watch the video.


Have a listen today and everyday for the next 9 days.


If you would like me to help you more specifically, click here let’s chat and discuss how I can help you find a career you love.


Christine Bove



Don’t quit your job before reading these 4 tips.

It seems I am hearing more and more from readers and clients who want to quit their jobs. Here are some of the questions I’m getting.


  • I can’t stand to work at this place another day, do you think I should just quit?


  • I’ve done all the Feng Shui remedies you suggested and while things are improving I’m still not getting that promotion!


  • I’ve been working on my business by networking and reaching out to new clients but people aren’t getting back to me and I just hate it and want to leave! What should I do?


It’s been almost 10 years since I quit my corporate job with no job lined up to start my feng shui business and I will share that starting your own business is not as glamorous as so many people make it out to be.  It’s a roller coaster and a crash course in self development all rolled into one.


If I could have coached my younger self with what I know now, here’s the advice I would have given her and this applies to anyone who hates their current job and is not sure what to do next.

1)Accept where you are.  This is so simple and yet the hardest thing to do. Everyone is on a journey and going through experiences you don’t like is part of the journey. How do you know what you want unless you experience things you don’t like? Write down or spend time thinking about you like in your current job. It could be the smallest things like one coworker, the location, the discount, the bonus each year. Maybe you have a particular client or account you enjoy, focus on what it is you like about that, what is the emotion you feel when you think about the things you like. The more you focus your attention on what you like the more of that will show up.



2)Begin your morning with either meditation, journal writing, reading inspiring or motivational books or listening to them. For almost 18 years, my mornings have consisted of meditation, journaling and listening to some motivational programs from Marianne Williamsom to Abraham and Hicks these programs have helped to shift my mindset create more joy and success in my life. If you have a job where you can listen to motivational programs then do it as much as you can.

3)Stop complaining about your job. Biggest lesson to learn especially if you want to get a promotion. Complaining about your boss, co-workers or the problems within the company keeps you in a negative energy and just creates more of the issues you are complaining about. Do your best to avoid these conversations by going out to lunch by yourself even if that means sitting in your car. I did this at many of my jobs and people would think I was crazy but it was the best 30 minutes to refresh my energy and helped the afternoon go faster. If you have a favorite store you love to just walk around go there and just get your eyes and thoughts on other things. I used to go to Sephora and other clothing stores not to buy but just to feel good and get my mind on something I love.

quotevan (1)

4)Stop going to happy hour. This is a place where people love to complain about work and these conversations get you nowhere fast. I recall going to more than my fair share of happy hours and leaving feeling worse because of all the negative talk I find myself indulging in. Finally, I realized this wasn’t helping me and decided to see if I could make a pact with my coworkers not to discuss work and it worked about two times but people couldn’t stand to not talk about work.


So these are my 4 tips you to help you begin to explore whether you need to make that change or not. Where you are now may seem like hell and feel like it’s never going to change, but I promise you it will if you commit to the tips I suggested above.


I know you want a job that is more rewarding with greater compensation and it’s possible to have but to get there you need to think different otherwise you will make the change and just find yourself in a different place with different faces but the same old crap.


I know this from years of experience and if I had to do it all over again I would learn these tips first and enjoyed a different journey.
If you resonated with this post, leave a comment below and share with me what you’ve found helpful.

Love and Success,

Christine Bove

Does Your Wardrobe Have Bad Chi?

The weather has finally turned cold in Connecticut and it’s time to break out the cold weather clothes. I admit, I hate the cold in fact my mood just drops along with the temperature. I have to dress in layers just to stay warm.


This past weekend I got dressed then changed my mind at the last minute and changed into a pair of pants that don’t really make me feel my best. As I went about my day I just felt irritated. OK, I admit, it was that time of the month, but still it was impacting my mood.  So, as soon as I could I went home to change and boom I was good again.


What you wear matters and when you wear clothes that don’t feel good, it impacts your mood.


Waking up with a closet full of clothes you hate creates negative energy in your space and subconscious mind.


Each morning you have that time to select an outfit and it turns into a meltdown you increase that negative energy in your closet and your mind.


So let’s turn that around.


Think about what you are wearing today, does it make you feel confident, sexy, slim?  If not, why are you wearing it? Are you settling because you don’t have time to shop, you can’t find clothes that fit your body type or because of your finances?


Asking yourself these questions will help you gain clarity on why you settled for a wardrobe that is unflattering and not bringing out the best in your beautiful self.


Here’s what you do over the the next 9 days (9 is a good luck number):


When you get dressed in the morning, if you put on an outfit that doesn’t feel good take it out and throw it in a bag of clothes you are going to donate. This little exercise over the next 9 days will kickstart your mind into saying “Enough! I’m not settling anymore I refuse to wear clothes that don’t honor who I am. I’m deciding that I’m worth it and I’m going to wear only clothes that uplift me.”


This may be a challenging exercise but I want you to do it! Journal what begins to happen to you over the next 9 days.


Here are three questions to ask yourself when you are getting dressed.

presenting (1)


These 3 questions will help you to get clear on what’s not working in your wardrobe.


Everything is energy and just as I teach about the energy in your environments you need to be conscious of the energy you are putting on your body.


I promise you this exercise is going to have a big impact on your self-confidence.


Now I want to hear from you!

Comment below and tell me what your wardrobe struggles have been and what guidance you need to need to clear out your closet.

Love and Success,

Christine Bove


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