How to Organize Your Paper Clutter

It’s 2015 and it’s hard to believe with all our technology gadgets paper clutter is still one of the major complaints I hear from clients. From magazines to the mail, paper clutter is everywhere!

So what can you do to manage it?

Let’s break down the top clutter complaints:

  • Mail
  • Bills/Financial Papers
  • Magazines Catalogs
  • Notes, post-its, flyers

Mail Clutter:

The most common issue with mail clutter is that most of it is junk mail. The solution is getting off the mailing lists. Here’s where you need to sit down and schedule an hour to go through and list the places to call and take your name off their mailing list. Most of the time the root of clutter is promotional ads from the credit card companies. It will just take one call to your credit card company to opt out of the section for mailing promotions. Be sure to do this when you sign up for a new card. You can also check out the National Do Not Mail List.


If you make donations, be sure to read the privacy section (in small fine print and opt- out of additional promotions. Depending on how much junk mail it may take a couple of months to clear it up). Be mindful when you sign up for anything to politely let them know that you would like to opt out from additional promotions. This will save you headaches later on.


Learn to deal with it right away so it will save you time in the long run. As soon you pick up your mail go through and sort it. Have a spot to put bills, invitations, social events and chuck the junk mail in the shredder and recyclables.


Magazines and Catalogs:

Create a space where you are going to read these within the month. I like to keep mine in my TV room and read them while I am having breakfast. Consider taking them to work and read during your lunch hour and when you’re done pass them along to your co-workers. Have an expiration date to read within 30 days and then discard it. Tear out any recipes or inspiration images and keep in a folder.


Financial Papers:

How you organize your financial papers reflects your relationship with money.  If your money flow isn’t flowing too well then its time to organize your financial papers. If you need help, check out my program 27 Day Wealth Accumulator Challenge


So how do I organize it all?


The key is to find organizing solutions that fit your style and space. Let’s take a look at some possible solutions.

Have a small space in your kitchen or hallway? Here’s a system to pin up your organizing tools, have a calendar, a box for social gatherings, mail, etc. Be creative with your organizing.

Maybe you don’t have space this big, but I like how they use the cubby holes and use desktop organizers on the counter. Is there anything in this picture that might inspire how you can use what you have in your space?

Do you have some extra wall space to create your mail system? Be even more creative by popping color here. If you know where this space falls on the bagua you can align the colors with the gau.

You can purchase these pieces separately from Pottery Barn to a create a theme that works for you.

Setup it up all in one room. Do your laundry, sort your paperwork and have craft time all in one place.


Finding the solution that will work for you will take time. Be creative with your ideas. There’s no right or wrong, start with the stuff you already have in your space and try it out.

Now I want to hear from you!

Comment below and tell me what your past struggles have been with paper clutter and any solutions you can share.

Love and Success,

Christine Bove


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See How Two Powerful Entrepreneurs Use Feng Shui

I recently came across an article about Tory Burch’s Manhattan office in Architectural Digest with a beautiful picture of her office space.  My eye was drawn to all her use of Feng Shui principles so I wasn’t surprised to discover that Tory actually used a Feng Shui Master to set-up her office. Seeing this inspired me to Google other well known successful female entrepreneurs and see if they might employ Feng Shui as well.  


I came across many photos of well known, successful women entrepreneurs in different fields and I decided to create a Pinterest board and video to highlight their good use of Feng Shui arrangement to inspire others to incorporate them into their office.


In my video I highlight both Tory Burch and Oprah Winfrey’s offices from a Feng Shui perspective.  Watch it and see what techniques you can employ in your office in order to generate the energy you want for you.


Whether you are a teacher, corporate gal or business owner the arrangement of your office can impact how others relate to you.  It can have a direct relationship with the success you experience.


Check out these powerful female business women’s office and learn how you can do things differently to impact your career!


Watch the video below:

I’d love to hear how you are applying these Feng Shui tips,  leave a comment below.

Love and Success,

Christine Bove



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How to Setup Your Child’s Room for Better Sleep, Health and Academic Performance

Hey Moms-

It is that time of year! Back to school, back to schedules!  It can be a little overwhelming and a shock to the system!  No matter how many children you have there’s a lot you have to do to stay on top of it all – buy supplies, new clothes, pack lunches, make snacks, sign them up for extra curricular activities and the list goes on and on. You can certainly lose yourself in the midst of it!

As the year starts, I know you have one mission and that is for your kids to have a great school year with little to no sick days while achieving academic success. So how do you achieve this with the least amount of stress?

It’s all about getting organized and setting the foundation right now to be consistent with a strategy that will keep you and your family on track. I would love to support you with this.  I’m sharing some my best feng shui tips for your kids with this short video on How to Setup Your Child’s Room for Better Sleep, Health and Academic Performance. These tips are so simple you can implement in just 30 minutes.

So watch the video and set aside some time to implement these tasks. After you’ve implemented my tips, notice how your child feels?  Do you notice any changes?It may be subtle at first but it will feel good over time. Now if you love these tips but feel overwhelmed and really need some additional support then setup a 15 minute call to discuss how I can help you get your home in order for a more successful, stress-free school year.Just fill out the form by clicking here and you will receive an email with times to chat.

Enjoy the video:

 I hope you enjoy the video and please let me know how you incorporate these tips into setting up a great school year for you and your child!
Love and Success,
PS: If you feel overwhelmed about your home or health now is the perfect time to have a Feng Shui Consultation. Click here and let’s chat about how I can support you.

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