Career and Lifestyle Makeovers

Career and Lifestyle Makeovers

For years over 10 years, I’ve been coaching women on their careers, businesses, health, and lifestyles. In all this time I’ve learned that women will talk themselves out of achieving the career and lifestyle they truly desire. To achieve your dreams, you need to understand the only person who needs to believe in you is you! Seeking approval others will keep you miserable.

Such simple instructions but so challenging to achieve as women are afraid to upset family or friends by having a more rewarding, fulfilling career and lifestyle.

It’s time to give up the struggle by telling a new story, a story that only needs your approval.

I’ve designed a 90 day one on one coaching program to give you the full support you need to release the old beliefs and define the new beliefs to achieve your career and lifestyle goals. Often clients are focused on a goal to elevate their career and during this shift, they begin to experience challenges in other areas of their life. It’s common very for many of my coaching sessions to cover relationships, health, finances and more. Please note this doesn’t mean you are avoiding your goal of elevating your career it’s normal to have resistance show up in other areas of your life – therefore I created a 90-day program to provide the support in other areas of your life.


If you are ready to give the struggle, commit to telling a new story to fill out the application to see if we are a match.

Investment $3000

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