3 Style Steps to Improve Your Money Flow

How you treat your money matters. A cluttered wallet, lost checkbook and bills stuffed in a drawer are huge money blocks. You don’t need to be an accountant or expert with numbers, but if you want to change your money flow you need to show money you appreciate it. Begin by respecting your money and […]

5 Time-Saving Organizing Tools for Your Closet

Your closet is your most valuable space and should be treated like a treasure chest filled with items you love and are easy to see and access. An organized closet will save you time, money and increase your confidence. I highly recommend you review these tips and tools and choose one to implement in your […]

A simple New Year’s Resolution – Clean out your closet!

Choose to do one thing and reap huge benefits all year! But why, you ask, would my closet be a New Year’s resolution? In Feng Shui, your closet represents your sub-conscious mind.   Is your mind cluttered?  Well so is your closet.  Get your closet straightened out and experience increased clarity of mind. Your wardrobe closet is the most significant […]

My Best Offer Yet!

This just in! Hot off the presses! A promotion you will not want to miss! As you know, this month I am focusing on shopping tips to help you be successful as you shop for others. However, I don’t want you to forget about yourself. This is why I am offering a very special promotion […]

Five Ways to Accessorize your intentions with Amber Tortoise Collection

You probably don’t think about the jewelry you put on your body and the impact it can have on your energy. Maybe you heard about different crystals and how they have the ability to heal you, but have you ever considered selecting jewelry that affirms your intentions? In Fashion Feng Shui consultations, one of the […]