3 Items You Must Have in Your Office

I believe everyone should have a beautiful space to work in, I don’t care if you work in a boring white cubicle you can make it beautiful with a few personal touches.  And why not?  You spend a lot of your time there!  It should feel good to you.   Oh, but Christine, I don’t […]

See How Two Powerful Entrepreneurs Use Feng Shui

I recently came across an article about Tory Burch’s Manhattan office in Architectural Digest with a beautiful picture of her office space.  My eye was drawn to all her use of Feng Shui principles so I wasn’t surprised to discover that Tory actually used a Feng Shui Master to set-up her office. Seeing this inspired […]

How to Be More Creative at Work

Do you feel blocked with your creativity at work? Maybe your office or your desk feels boring and doesn’t allow you to open up your creative flow?   Your space could be blocking your creative energies. Boring white walls, plain cabinets and shelves filled with books, papers and reminders of what you have to get done […]

3 Ways to Feng Shui Your Office for a Prosperous 2014

Are you ready to play BIG and say “yes!” to shining in the spotlight? I’m not talking about Hollywood spotlight, but simply you being your authentic self, standing in your most natural, beautiful, radiant self! I know you have a New Year’s goal to step it up in your career, whether it’s taking your business to […]

3 Style Steps to Improve Your Money Flow

How you treat your money matters. A cluttered wallet, lost checkbook and bills stuffed in a drawer are huge money blocks. You don’t need to be an accountant or expert with numbers, but if you want to change your money flow you need to show money you appreciate it. Begin by respecting your money and […]

My Best Offer Yet!

This just in! Hot off the presses! A promotion you will not want to miss! As you know, this month I am focusing on shopping tips to help you be successful as you shop for others. However, I don’t want you to forget about yourself. This is why I am offering a very special promotion […]

Four Essential Office Accessories You Must Have!

Is your office set up for success? Do the items you see every day boost your creative energies? The items in your office play a significant role in how productive you are doing your work hours. From cubicles, to the home office it’s key to freshen up your space every couple of months. You don’t […]