Gluten Free – Tomato, Mushroom and Rice Pasta

  Tomato, Mushroom with Gluten Free Rice Pasta Serves 2 This quick and easy pasta recipe came to me while at Trader Joes after forgetting my shopping list at home. I don’t do well with plain tomato sauce, but I was in the mood for pasta. So, in my head I thought cherry tomatoes, mushrooms […]

Video: Keeping Your Skinny Clothes is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Keeping Your Skinny Clothes is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals One of them most common mistakes I see women make is keeping their “skinny clothes” as motivation for weight loss. This actually works against you as it reminds you every morning that you still haven’t loss the weight and  triggers negative thinking that you’re not good […]

Are You a Supplement Junkie?

How often do you find yourself going into a health food store or website checking out all the supplements that are sure to help whatever condition you are concerned about only to find yourself with $200 worth of supplements? You read all about what these supplements can do for you and first you are overwhelmed […]

Time for a Healthy Lifestyle Makeover

My client called me out! My client called me out the other day, not in a bad way but in a good way. She said I was holding out on my clients.  That something I am using successfully in my own life and with some of my clients should be shared more broadly as it […]