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 Glamour + Metal Documentary Premiere Monday July 14th,2014

A GlamourMetal girl is a think-for-yourself kinda woman who thinks copycatting is so last season. She embraces her rebellious nature in her personal style and in business. With her quick wit and go-getter attitude, this over-achiever is a trendsetter at heart.

She isn’t one to jump on the fad train or hang around with the wallflowers; she’s got places to go and people to see! Her personal style shows the world who she is: original, bold and beautiful. Behind her exterior is a fierce businesswoman who is pushing the envelope, breaking the rules, daring to be different, and thinking for herself. The GlamourMetal girl is ready to show the world exactly who she is no matter what it takes to embrace her individuality.






“Where to Find Your Feng Shui Expert”

Christine is a sought out speaker, trainer and presenter. She’s an expert at helping clear clutter from your mind and your environment. She helps shift your energy using Feng Shui techniques for home, office, career, fashion and relationships. Her expertise for Fashion Feng Shui has been showcased by top department stores and fashion lines.

Christine has presented at:

  • Kenneth Cole in NYC
  • Elie Tahari
  • Go NearlyNaked Jewelry
  • Pierre Duex
  • Women’s Organizations
  • Corporate day events


  • “Demystify the Gluten-Free Lifestyle: 4 Steps to Stress-Free Eating and Feeling Fabulous”
  • Feng Shui your Office: How to create an office that sets you up for success.
  • The relationship cure: How to Feng Shui your home to improve your love life.
  • The 9 secrets to increase your wealth with Feng Shui

To book Christine for a speaking engagement, group training or more. Call 877.788.2139 or email