How to Get Your Boss to Love Your Ideas

Over the last two weeks, I’ve explored an important theme with my coaching clients: why they believe their bosses hate them.
One client was convinced that her boss was trying to get her fired, and another believed her boss had blocked her from transferring to a different department.
Our bosses can have a big impact on our workload, productivity and salaries. Maybe it often feels that you have to play the “good girl” game, the one where you obey all the rules without offering any valuable input so as not to upset anyone.
This charade can begin to have a negative effect on your work habits and even your self-confidence. So how are you supposed to feel good about yourself when you’re not able to express your ideas at work?
I asked one client some deep questions about the internal conversation that takes place while a new idea is processing in her mind. As she explained, I could feel the high energy flowing and her excitement growing, and then a sudden downward shift as she described her boss’s opinion of her ideas.
I could feel her energy dissipate as she quickly sabotaged her own abilities with self-doubt.
Often, when we have a new idea, we undermine this idea the moment we begin to think about the approval of others. Instead, I suggested to my client, why not try keeping the idea to yourself while you take some time to enjoy any emotions that arise as this new idea flows through your mind? Then, if at any time you experience internal resistance, you can stop thinking about it for awhile.
As my client began to process this approach, she asked, “Well, how do I know when to share my idea? How do I get my boss to love it?”
The answer is rooted in your gut: You have to be 100% secure in the emotion and the idea before you share it with anyone. Have you ever had that “knowing” feeling that something great was about to happen, and it did?
That intuition is what you are looking for any time you have a new idea. If you are confident in this idea, you will also be confident in the timing of sharing your ideas. Learn to practice this simple, powerful step, and your relationship with your boss will evolve into one of mutual respect and admiration, and your ideas will begin to be appreciated.
As my client began to experience this new process, she shared with me the relief she’s been feeling at work. She expressed gratitude that my solutions are never about confronting people or working harder, but rather focus on internal mind shifts that are having positive impacts on every area of her life.
It’s nice to know that when something isn’t going the way you want, you have the power to change it just by shifting your thoughts about the situation. That’s much easier than having a confrontation to convince someone you’re right and they’re wrong, isn’t it?
You can have a great career that is rewarding and fulfilling, but you first have to start making these shifts internally. You can learn how with my new program, 6 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Job. Click here to get your copy today and experience some powerful changes in your career path.



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