What People Are Saying…


“I am yet to meet Christine Bové in person but every interaction so far has not only been a pleasure but also deeply insightful. Her calm presence even via Skype is palpable and her ability to tune into my situation long distance has been mind blowing. Without knowing very much about me or our situation she was able to read clearly what our current issues were in a recent home clearing. She is thoughtful, considerate and always trying to bring clarity and solutions to the table. I deeply appreciate her support and the new insights gained through working with Christine. Highly recommended for anyone who is ready to take their lives and business to the next level – inside and out!”

Franiska Neumann
Santa Fe, New Mexico


elise“Christine Bove is an amazing resource for any business whether you are a start-up or an existing business.  I originally signed up for a 4 week session with Christine to discuss the various struggles going on within my business.  I felt overwhelmed and defeated!  Christine took the time to find out about me and my business.  By the end of our first meeting, she clearly identified the blocks that I was struggling with and she mapped out a plan for me to follow.  I learned how to identify, accept and breakthrough my blocks with ease and a few minutes a day learning her techniques.  After 4 weeks of working with Christine, I felt a huge sense of relief and clarity.  She was a pleasure to do business with and I certainly appreciated her help.”

Elizabeth Rotatori, CT 

LinkedIn Expert

   “Thank you for helping me through this important phase in my life’s journey. With your support and wisdom, I sorted through 40 years of professional life with the myriad of papers, books, documents, articles and memorabilia that helped define who I was at that time. Although it has been an exhilarating, exhausting and intellectually stimulating experience, I am delighted that the accompanying clutter and stuff is now behind me. I am left with what is really important to me. What a freeing experience! Given the space created internally, as well as in files and bookshelves, coupled with previous changes you suggested for the office, I feel so much lighter: fully available to focus on creative ideas about my new internet project, The Two Career Family.”

Mary J. Giuffra



“Before working with Christine I was having a hard time getting work done in my office and I was also working very hard on marketing my business to bring in new customers. I had just started a new business and I was worried about money. I lived in a very old home with a lot of family history and the energy was heavy and oppressive. I had some sessions with Christine where she cleared the energy in my home and also around me and my worries. I immediately felt lighter and better. She worked with me via Skype and helped me rearrange my office, finish decorating it and helped me select things to add to get the results I was looking for. We made some changes to the helpful people area and I felt it and experienced results right away. I could look at that area and know that there was so much help and support for me and then people showed up in unexpected ways. We also made some changes to the entrance of my home to welcome more money into my life and the following week I was contacted by 8 different people inquiring about my services that all came from different marketing channels. It was amazing. From working with Christine, I now feel empowered to use what she has taught me and my own intuition to make changes to my space to bring more positive energy, helpful people, harmonious relationships and money into my life. I highly recommend her Virtual Feng Shui Sessions in combination with personal and space clearing.”

Carol L. LeBlanc, CPA
Small Business Accounting Specialist

“I hired Christine because I wanted to see some dramatic changes in my life that I was not accomplishing on my own. My goal was to find a job I love, working with positive happy healthy good people, having work life balance making my desired salary or better. After finding my new apartment, I wanted to have balance and happiness with my career as well as my home. The best thing about working with Christine was she helped me to stop and reflect on the things that were working in my life and the things that weren’t. With Christine’s guidance, I was able to take action and step out of my comfort zone to strive to reach my goal. The most important thing I learned was my self-worth and not to settle or let others walk all over me. As I made a habit of this new practice, things began opening up for me. I received an abundance of free items and great bargains on important things in my life. I found a new job that honor my true talents and worked with great co-workers who appreciate me. By shifting my space and mindset my world started shifting and opportunities continue to flow to me. My take away was to trust myself and my instincts. If it didn’t feel right or good, it wasn’t. I would highly recommend Christine. She is very supportive and positive as she guides and helps you achieve your goals.”

Donna McGovern
Event Planner


“I have had so much admiration and respect for Christine knowing she left a corporate job to pursue her passion and watch her become so successful with her Feng Shui business. Christine is genuine, creative, caring, kind and always a professional. Her passion for her work and her dedication to help others shows through to her clients. I love the concept of Fashion Feng Shui® and find it so useful and helpful to understand why I am drawn to certain styles over another and what I need to incorporate when I want to feel inspired, confident, elegant, and how to consciously target those items when I am looking to add to my wardrobe.”

Kelly Hastman, Denver, CO


“Christine Bove helped me in so many ways. First of all, as soon as I made the phone call to her to set up the appointment…changes began to happen rapidly. I was given 2 weeks notice to move out of my office into a smaller one at the gym I rent space from. I thought this was horrible. After speaking to Christine about our upcoming Feng Shui and space clearing appointment I had a different perspective. Christine told me that this was actually a better office for me energetically, even though it was smaller. I felt at the time that I desperately needed her help to put all of my stuff into the small office. Well, Christine came to the office, helped me decorate, informed me where to put my paintings, my desk, file cabinets, motivational quote on the wall, my mission statement and much more. Within days of following her recommendations my phone was ringing daily with new clients. It happened almost simultaneously and I am so grateful that such an energy shift happened because of my working relationship with Christine Bove.

Christine also did a space clearing in my home recently and brought about changes as well. These changes happened more slowly over time and caused a shift to happen with my relationship with my husband that has been truly positive. I am grateful to Christine and I continue to bounce ideas off of her to get her insightful opinion on important issues.”

Pamela Tinkham, MSW, LCSW
Owner of Mind Body Fitness, LLC


“Christine did an energy clearing in my 1790’s home. Having worked previously with Feng Shui professionals and interior decorators, all I can say that her skills are only exceeded by her innate sensitivity. She’s the real thing. If you never consider energy work from a Feng Shui practitioner, I can only urge you to try it. You will learn and benefit from your time with Christine and well beyond that time. Her work lifts life along and gently keeps it moving.”

Susan Leigh Bock, Norwalk, CT


“Before Feng Shui I never understood how much my clutter was impacting me and my family. After working with Christine in my home I started implementing her suggestions and wonderful opportunities starting flowing to me with Mary Kay business and I become a certified Yoga Instructor. After seeing all the successful changes in my home and life I asked Christine to work on Fashion Feng Shui®. I’ve heard the saying “First Impressions are Everything” Christine help me to see how I to create a wardrobe that honored my essence and lifestyle. I’m a mom of two so my schedule is busy and I don’t have time for myself, but working with has helped me to simpfly my life, career and take time for me.”

Faith Wollner, Trumbell, CT


“I came to Christine for help because I am at a point in my business where I need to set up a real home office. It had been difficult for me to work truly effectively without a dedicated space in my house. I sought out Christine to help me optimize my office space so I would feel focused and energized and so the space would support my efforts to move my business forward. Christine created a comprehensive plan for my home and new office that was customized to my specific goals and intentions. What I liked in particular about Christine was that her suggestions took the beauty and style of my house into consideration rather than just trying to just make my house fit into a pre-determined feng shui box. I loved that everything was laid out for me and it felt very doable. Since I am a busy mom and entrepreneur, I especially appreciated that Christine provided links to specific stores where I could find the items she suggested in her report. All that and Christine was extremely affable to boot. I’m so excited to implement the new changes so my business really soars!”

Heather Poduska
Brand Strategist and Business Coach


“Feng Shui isn’t just about moving furniture anymore. . . My husband Andy and I were trying to sell, then decided to rent out our condo. Two years and 4 realtors later we were very frustrated and decided to take a new course of action. We hired Christine Bove Feng Shui Extraordinaire to remove the bad energy connected to the condo as well as ourselves. We both felt much better after the session with Christine. Three weeks later we have a young couple (with a baby on the way) as our new tenants. They are thrilled and so are we! Whether you are struggling with yourself, your job, or your home we would highly recommend Christine Bove to remove your stumbling blocks of bad energy. (You will also learn a lot in the process).”

Micki and Andy Bello Fairfield, CT


“I first contacted Christine at the recommendation of a trusted friend. My husband and I were embarking on an exciting yet challenging home renovation. We were simultaneously trying to conceive and attain our goal of having a family. Christine utilized her feng shui knowledge and skills to help us declutter and organize our home zeroing in on the importance of creating space. Among other things, we learned that decluttering in important parts of the house such as the attic and basement are symbolic of the past and future. Clearing space and utilizing intention and the focus of feng shui helped us attain our goal and we successfully conceived a healthy baby boy. We saw the previously cluttered spaces become organized and representative of spaces that could be used to correspond to our new family life. I now have a beautiful home office in the basement and the attic, now a loft suite, is open to family and guests to visit our expanded family.

Since life is a work in progress, successful attainment of one goal opens up space to focus on other areas. Christine always comes to mind whenever I want to build or achieve a new goal. I have worked and followed Christine’s career including working with her on money and fashion feng shui. I now have a decluttered closet, and understand how enhancing my true essence and intentions with clothes creates the energy necessary to create more ease in everyday life. My clothes are becoming more representative of the balance between my roles as a professional and as a mom.

You will have fun working toward your goals with Christine! In addition to her extensive feng shui knowledge, she will give you practical suggestions that you can implement. Her openness and flexibility will help you create a path toward your goals that builds upon your own inherent strengths and individuality.”

Angie Giuffra, Scarsdale, NY


“Christine did an amazing job helping me create an environment in my home that is comfortable and allows me to focus on my career and home. Her knowledge of organization really helped me decide what I needed and what I did not, allowing me to focus on what was most important first and making the process easier and more fulfilling. I’ve major shifts in my career as I’m expanding my business and being happier in my family life.”

Sherrie Swanson, Fairfield, CT


“Since Christine entered our world, we have found a new light and energy that has created positive movement throughout our entire family system…She started us on a journey to finding that peace we all aspire to.”

Lisa, Bronxville, NY


“I just could not get organized! This created a layer of stress on top of my already very busy life as a Mom. Since I have implemented Christine’s suggestions …I move easily through my day and my home instead of bulldozing through. Thanks Christine!”

Melissa, Ossining, NY


“Depressed and confused…that is how I felt before I found out about Feng Shui from my co-worker Christine. When Christine offered to help me bring some positive energy into my office space using Feng Shui, I was skeptical. Christine asked me questions that made me reflect on myself and what I wanted. Her suggestions not only made my office work better for me, but also helped me to feel more focused on what I wanted out of a career. A few weeks later I found a seasonal job that 6 months later led to a full-time position with the Conservation division for Westchester County. I am very thankful that Christine came into my life when she did. I appreciate her honesty and ask for her advice often on how to better improve the energy not only in my apartment, but also in my life!”

Mindy, White Plains, NY


“After our home and each of us was cleared, my husband gladly finished the left over tasks/home improvements (within several weeks of course—she does work miracles!) and I was comfortably able to part with items from the past, thus being able to focus on the present. I feel calm, free, and clear.”

Christina Master, NJ


“Christine was wonderful to work with. She is extremely, passionate, talented, and highly creative. She helped to foster areas of my life that I had been working on to manifest, but I truly believe our work together strongly facilitated the process of wonderful new beginnings entering my life. I am very grateful to her and recommend this lovely woman, a true gem, with a beautiful spirit.”

Denise, Sleepy Hollow, NY


“The information I have received from Christine I have imparted on others whose homes I have visited. She is knowledgeable, informative, professional and compassionate about
Feng Shui. Listen attentively, thoroughly consider, and I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed.”

Cedericka, New York City