Space Clearing Session

“Release Negative Energy with an Energetic Space
Clearing Session to Restore Harmony to
Your Body and Your Home”

When you feel stuck in your mind and home, are not able to move forward or continue to repeat the same old patterns over and over,  Energetic Space Clearing Sessions help you break through the stagnation and create new energy to support your home, mind and body.  Energetic Space Clearing Sessions are ideal when you experience a lot of emotional drama in your life (divorce, sickness, death, moving or career change) or feel challenged in a particular area of your life. The clearing process releases stress and tension from your body and your home.

The Energetic Space Clearing Session has been known to help:

  • Release negative energy that keeps you feeling stuck
  • Support you before and after you’ve made physical changes in your life
  • Remove blocks and underlying beliefs that are holding you back
  • Gain confidence when making decisions to truly support what’s best for you.
  • Purify the energy in your space so you’re not operating on the frequencies of others
  • Restore the balance of energies in your home and workplace
  • Help you overcome important issues relating to health, wealth and emotions
  • Improve interactions with family, children, friends and animals
  • Support and strengthen your spiritual journey

 Energetic Space Clearing Sessions are the perfect way to remove the energetic blocks that lie in your mind and are also lingering in your space. They are especially powerful when you move into a new house or office because it’s important to clear the space from the previous occupants. This is vital to your wellbeing because without proper clearing you can take on the energy of the people who have previously been in that space. Energetic Space Clearing Sessions balance any disturbances including technological, geo pathetic stress, electromagnetic fields (emf’s) or underground water. The frequencies may not be seen but they are felt and can impact your health, relationships and more. It’s important to have your space cleared at least once a year especially if you are going through any difficult and challenging times or making BIG changes.

Energetic Space Clearing Sessions are done virtually or in person. The length and price of your session is determined by the size of your space.

Here’s what you can expect.

  • Prior to your consultation I will review your support material to determine the best clearing techniques for your situation
  • We’ll focus on the topic that needs immediate attention based on your goals and circumstances
  • We’ll assess where you are on your journey to give you action items to create more harmony in your life
  • For your space or personal clearing I’ll provide a customized report with energy enhancing suggestions
  • I’ll also provide individual resources and tips to activate positive energy

Your  Energetic Space Clearing Session is the perfect place to begin. We can focus on a personal clearing to work on mind and body energy or a space clearing to work on removing toxic energy from your space and create positive Chi.

Virtual $247