How to be Happy With Where You Are

Have you known someone who is always happy even when life is throwing a bunch of challenges? I’ve known many and always admire their ability to just be happy all the time.   My greatest teachers have all taught me that happiness is an inside job. If you rely on other people or the conditions around you […]

What Does Success Mean To You?

What does success mean to you?   A powerful question that I don’t believe many people truly know the answer.    Do you?   If you can’t really answer this for yourself, then you are probably living life based on other people’s definition.  This can feel like life is nothing more than a hamster wheel!  Life […]

Do Affirmations Really Work?

In the beginning of my spiritual journey I was finding myself more frustrated about affirmation statements because I expected something to shift immediately!  No one really told me how to slow down and shift my energy first before I can accept the affirmation.     Imagine your boss has just yelled at you for something […]

Do You Repel Money?

Do you attract or repel money? Last week, I was taking a walk in the park when I found dollar under a tree. I thought…wow…money does grow on trees! Wishful thinking?                     Ironically, this dollar appeared on the day I launched my 27 Day Wealth Accumulator […]

How to Feng Shui Your Wealth Area

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your holiday break and are ready to embrace 2015 in a big way! Do you have a goal to accumulate more wealth in 2015? If your top goal is to accumulate more wealth, pay off your debt, save money or anything related to your finances, then it is […]