What Does Success Mean To You?

What does success mean to you?   A powerful question that I don’t believe many people truly know the answer.    Do you?   If you can’t really answer this for yourself, then you are probably living life based on other people’s definition.  This can feel like life is nothing more than a hamster wheel!  Life […]

How to Feng Shui Your “Creativity/Children” Area of Your Home

  Wanna feel like a kid again? Bet you didn’t know that you have an area of your home that can have the perfect energy to be a kid again? Yes you do and it’s called your “Creativity/Children” area.   Do you have a career that requires constant creativity? Are you in marketing, event planning, […]

How Do I Handle My Partner’s Clutter, It’s Driving Me Nuts!

It’s not easy when your partner is a clutter-bug and you are really neat. This is often one of my clients’ top complaints. I will walk around a home or receive pictures of their partner’s clutter. “You see…what am I suppose to do!” I definitely feel my client’s pain and frustration.  They want a beautiful […]