How to be Happy With Where You Are

Have you known someone who is always happy even when life is throwing a bunch of challenges? I’ve known many and always admire their ability to just be happy all the time.   My greatest teachers have all taught me that happiness is an inside job. If you rely on other people or the conditions around you […]

How to Setup Your Child’s Room for Better Sleep, Health and Academic Performance

Hey Moms- It is that time of year! Back to school, back to schedules!  It can be a little overwhelming and a shock to the system!  No matter how many children you have there’s a lot you have to do to stay on top of it all – buy supplies, new clothes, pack lunches, make snacks, […]

Do You Repel Money?

Do you attract or repel money? Last week, I was taking a walk in the park when I found dollar under a tree. I thought…wow…money does grow on trees! Wishful thinking?                     Ironically, this dollar appeared on the day I launched my 27 Day Wealth Accumulator […]

How to Feng Shui Your Wallet

This week’s video is inspired by my own wallet story.  I’ve been on the hunt for a new wallet for long time now and it finally came to an end this past week in a very unexpected way.   I have been looking for a particular style, one that has one opening with access to […]

3 Style Steps to Improve Your Money Flow

How you treat your money matters. A cluttered wallet, lost checkbook and bills stuffed in a drawer are huge money blocks. You don’t need to be an accountant or expert with numbers, but if you want to change your money flow you need to show money you appreciate it. Begin by respecting your money and […]