What Does Success Mean To You?

What does success mean to you?   A powerful question that I don’t believe many people truly know the answer.    Do you?   If you can’t really answer this for yourself, then you are probably living life based on other people’s definition.  This can feel like life is nothing more than a hamster wheel!  Life […]

How to Organize Your Paper Clutter

It’s 2015 and it’s hard to believe with all our technology gadgets paper clutter is still one of the major complaints I hear from clients. From magazines to the mail, paper clutter is everywhere! So what can you do to manage it? Let’s break down the top clutter complaints: Mail Bills/Financial Papers Magazines Catalogs Notes, […]

5 Tips to Get Organized for the Holidays

It’s hard enough to stay organized during the year, but when the holiday comes it’s even more challenging with holiday decorations, gifts, gift wrapping etc. How do you manage it all without having a breakdown? You can start simply by taking little steps each day, doing only the things you love and designating the tasks […]

How to Feng Shui Your Office for Success

  Traditional Home Office by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Emily Ruddo Is your office set up for success? Do the items you see every day boost your creative energies? The items in your office play a significant role in how productive you are. It is key to your productivity to freshen up your […]

6 Organizing Tips You Can Learn from College Students

I’ve been receiving lots of calls from clients lately asking for help not just to manage their own clutter but  their spouse’s and children’s too.  Now is the time when all kids are heading back to school or off to college and everyone is trying to organize!  I have to admit, I love shopping for […]

9 Reasons to Feng Shui Your Clutter

I know it can be hard to motivate yourself to get started on dealing with all that clutter!  When do you have the time? But what if you learned your clutter was not just preventing you from seeing your countertops, but it can also be preventing you from achieving your goals? Would that motivate you? […]

What Do Gabrielle Bernstein and My Old Furniture Have in Common?

Here’s a tidbit about me, I loathe antiques! I can’t stand the thought of furniture from places I know nothing about, I have no idea what energy is attached to the pieces.  Of course, I have the tools to clear the energy from homes and items in the home, but it still bothers me. I have […]

9 Tips to Become a Better Shopper, Save Money, Time and Minimize Clutter

Do you know the real problem behind clutter? It’s the way we shop! I remember one client who had what I call the “what if” syndrome.  As we were working to Feng Shui her home, we reviewed all her clutter and discovered that 90% of it were things she purchased that she didn’t really need.  […]

3 Ways to Feng Shui Your Office for a Prosperous 2014

Are you ready to play BIG and say “yes!” to shining in the spotlight? I’m not talking about Hollywood spotlight, but simply you being your authentic self, standing in your most natural, beautiful, radiant self! I know you have a New Year’s goal to step it up in your career, whether it’s taking your business to […]

Make 2013 Work for you in 2014

As we come to the end of 2013, two things come before us guilt or joy. Guilt that we didn’t achieve our goal or joy that we did. I recently was in a networking meeting when I my friend shared about her upcoming course, Elevate Your Business, tele-class. She holds this class every year for […]