27 Day Wealth Accumulator Challenge


Are you ready to write a new money story?

My most popular YouTube video is “How to Create a Wealth Bowl” and the second is the “How to Feng Shui Your Wealth Area.” Clearly, money is a hot topic! It’s no doubt everyone would like to earn more money.  We expect more money makes life better but sometimes it can have the opposite effect.

The key to changing your money story is not necessarily more money but shifting your mindset around money.  By changing our way of viewing money we can learn to attract it and not push it away and treat it with respect so more abundance comes our way.


Over the years, I’ve given out tons of tips on how to feng shui your money mindset and my clients have seen much success.

Now, I’ve decided to create a way for YOU to begin writing your new money story in just 27 days!  I am introducing my 27 Day Wealth Accumulator Challenge program!  Along with my proven tips and advice, I will also be your personal accountability partner!

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In the 27 Day Wealth Accumulator program you are going to experience a new approach to shifting your relationship with money, one that will begin a new foundation in your mind and home.

If you been hitting the same old money story maybe you can’t surpass a certain income, clean up your credit card debt or save enough for a trip or special occasion in your life, this is a unique program to help you do that.

Maybe you’re afraid that you are attached to your past failures and don’t believe anything will change.  But change is possible if you are willing to let go of the old story and take the right action steps to write a new, more successful story.

I’ve created this unique program to get you focused, organized and open the channels of money to flow to you.

This program is designed to shift your money mindset, get your financial containers organized, enhance the wealth areas in your home and set the foundation for your new abundant money story.

For 27 days we will work together in a small community of supporters.  Here’s what you can expect from the program:

  • Learn how to change your money story and start creating one that begins to accumulate the wealth you desire
  • Fast action money momentum exercises that will generate extra cash by the end of the 27 days.
  • Simple and effective plans to organize all your financial papers, bookkeeping, bills, wallets etc
  • Feng Shui solutions for the wealth areas of your home and/or office plus, tips to correct any money leaks in your home.  
  • Access to a private Facebook group for you to ask me questions during the 27 days and receive accountability for the money tasks.
  • Plus, additional bonuses throughout the challenge.

There are 10 Challenges over the 27 Days. Each challenge is spread out over a 3 day time frame allowing you enough time to complete the challenge. All challenges will be sent via email and you will have a private page to access the challenge. You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and meet other members in the group. You can also access checklists, calendars and special bonus features for the group.

This group is limited so I can give you more personal support and finally help you experience a  transformation with money.  It will be a safe, comfortable, positive environment to support you as you make these changes in your life.

Here are some success stories:

“Just a quick thank you note! This challenge is working miracles! Last night I was worried about a bigger project and the offer I had given for it. The deadline had already expired and I could not reach the person yesterday. I did not even do anything concrete. I just mentally wrapped this offer in an aluminium foil and placed in the helpful people area of my home. This morning I woke up and there was an email waiting for me in my inbox. The offer had been accepted! Happy dance!” – Sari L
“Great success! I received an additional bonus on a contract I completed! I was surprised and so grateful. Plus a new client appeared after a long period of silence. We had an exciting conversation and now are moving forward with a new contract!”- Judith C
“Christine, I loved working with you! Thank you for this challenge. I loved the pace and how you were always there to answer our questions. I have to say that the challenge came at a perfect time for me. There were big changes happening on the home front when I began the challenge, and I was feeling a tad (okay, a lot) overwhelmed by our new financial situation. Doing your challenges helped me stay focused and take action in a way that made sense to me. I went from overwhelm to calm. This was an unexpected and very welcome transformation, so thank you!!! “- Myriam Asm CA


This is a different approach to changing your money patterns and it’s filled with all the money solutions my clients have implemented over the years.

So, have you had enough with your current money struggles and ready to commit to a new money story? Don’t put off the change any longer.  Now’s the time to re-write your story.  There’s only one decision to make!

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