Sometimes that little black dress just doesn’t work!


How do you feel about your current wardrobe? Are you in a rut of wearing the same things over and over?  Do you refer to your clothing choices as your “uniform” because it is the same day to day?


I find that this is often the case with clients who are feeling stressed out or who are not happy about their current body weight.  They play it safe with an all black wardrobe or wearing the same pants and blouse style over and over.  This results from a feeling of unworthiness – why dress up?  No one will notice.


Well, that feeling over time can create exactly that belief – “nobody cares about me. I’m not important.” This belief blocks you from being your true self and expressing your desires and personal style.  You are attached to a false belief.  


Remember Melanie?  I have been sharing her story over the last two weeks (you can revisit part 1 here and part 2 here).  Melanie was making great progress with her mindset, beliefs and morning routine.  But as we continued our coaching sessions the 4th session (this tends to be a breakthrough session) revealed that Melanie had a deep desire to work for a well known luxury brand designer.  It took courage even to admit it but it was a huge leap forward as she had not admitted this to anyone, specifically that she wanted to obtain a VP position.  

Sometimes it’s a good thing not to share your deep desires as people can talk you out of it but there is also power in speaking it out.

So, we discussed the reasons why she wanted this position and how she would feel when she got it. The energy pouring through this call was powerful and I knew something awesome was about to happen and it did!

This designer would be at an event she planned on attending in 2 weeks and was planning a way to snag a few minutes of his time.  I said, great!  Let’s figure out what you will wear!

Melanie said, that’s no big deal I have this little black dress I always wear. Well as she said that her energy dropped and I thought, hmmm…this won’t work.  I said, “Melanie, you are going to an event with one of the top luxury brand designers with hopes of making connections for a high level executive opportunity and you want to wear the same old little black dress? Are you kidding me? How do you expect to stand out and be noticed?”  

Her response in a very soft voice was, “Oh, well I guess I don’t want to stand out.”  It was time to clear out the old resistant energy and replace it with the power of standing out in a new dress – a bold color dress!

So it was time to clear out the resistant energy flowing and discussed the power in a standing out with a new dress…a bold color dress. It wasn’t hard to talk her into an all day shopping spree with me at her favorite designer’s (and soon to be employer) 5th Avenue flagship store!

With all the excited energy, Melanie was able to create a fabulous head to toe look that made her feel powerful, confident, sexy and luxurious! In my next blog I will share what happened at the event.

white dress

But now let’s talk about your lesson.


Are you wanting something bigger and greater in your life and hiding behind the same clothes that keep you blending in with the crowd?


As you get dressed each morning begin to ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Does this outfit uplift my energy? If you are taking time to meditate and get in a positive place you want to be sure your outfit supports that energy.
  2. Does it make me feel sexy, confident and affluent? If you want to earn more money or increase your position you need to dress the part.


Just two simple questions may bring some clarity to what’s holding you back.


What’s one item in your current wardrobe from color to accessories that you could upgrade in the next week to enhance your self confidence and get you closer to a new exciting opportunity in your life?


I want to hear what it is, hit reply and let me know.


You are what you wear, so why not be bold, sexy and affluent, you’re worth it!


I believe in you, so now it’s your turn!



Christine Bove

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