You are your own worst enemy!

One hard lesson I’ve learned in my life is that I am my own worst enemy.  In fact, we all are. It’s not that we intentionally sabotage ourselves we just don’t realize we’re doing it. But through my life experiences I can look back and see clearly how overthinking my life has cost me in many ways.


My career has been a journey of twists and turns looking for a career that would feel rewarding, fulfilling and bring in good money.  I would begin dreaming of the possibilities and it would feel great until the negative voice would creep back inside my head and shatter my dreams. I would get caught up in why it couldn’t happen, my lack of experience, past experiences and a list of reasons why I wasn’t worthy.


In the past few weeks I’ve shared my client Melanie’s journey of making over her life and setting herself up to achieve her secret dream job.


We shifted her mindset by setting up a new morning routine, discussed how to begin telling a new story about her life and even worked on revamping her wardrobe to set her up for an event that could lead her to this new job.


Melanie’s progress has been great and she is improving every day. As we finalized her look for this big event that could help her land her dream job with her dream designer, she started hearing that negative self talk creep in.


I explained to Melanie that sometimes you have get out of your own way. In my own life I’ve used this simple mantra when I realized I was trying to control a particular outcome in my life.


I would find myself thinking about every circumstance possible and having a solution for every outcome. Big mistake!


The key is to visualize what you want clearly and steady with no wobbly energy. Meaning no doubts or buts. The moment you begin to feel like it’s not going to work or your vision starts to get a “no” response, stop. Let it go and think about something else.


Visualization works well when you are seeing it unfolding happily! The moment your mind brings up the past results you begin to sabotage!


So for Melanie, I told her to visualize the feeling of meeting and engaging with the individuals she hoped to work with.  See the conversation flowing with ease and laughter, but only stay there for a few minutes.


Melanie noticed how easy it was to get to that visualization and each time she added little things like a comment on her dress or a comment about how talented she was, little by little Melanie began to feel a new energy shifting inside of her and even noticed the feeling that something better than she expected was going to happen!


Looking beautiful and feeling confident Melanie had a amazing time at her event. She set the intention that she would connect with the two people who could best lead her to her dream job. She interacted with tons of great people but she knew the two best people turned out to be an old co-worker and a Marketing Assistant to the Creative Director. While she had a brief interaction with her favorite designer her greatest connection where these two gals.


She was able to connect and have a conversation without asking for a job. Through a friendly interaction she was able to learn about them beyond their work and what they loved to do. She saw connections in their activities and recommended some great resources to them.


She was building relationships with these ladies, by building these relationships she learned more about the company, the vibe of the staff, and more about the needs of the company. This information was powerful to Melanie as she could begin to see where she could fit into the company and the role that would best suit her and the company.  


So Melanie hit a homerun because she did the right work.  She set her mindset from where she is to where she wants to go. While we are still in the process of landing her this position, she is confident it is working out as it should.  


So let’s discuss why I wanted to share this story with you and how it can value your life.


Life is a journey to figure out what you want. It’s supposed to be fun but it’s not always the way we planned.


The contrast that we experience in life is to help us realize what we do want. So when you are on your career journey be appreciative of the jobs and experiences that aren’t so pretty and understand when you are experiencing them when it’s time to pivot and say, well I know I don’t want that and give yourself permission to get clear on what it is you do want.


The key is to be constantly focused on what you want in a job.


But now let’s talk about your lesson.

white dress


What do you need to get clear on?  What do you need to visualize as you pursue your next step?


Here are some questions to consider:


What type of hours do I want?

What type of people do I want to work with and for?

What type of freedom do I want with my job?

How much money do I want to make?

What do I love about my current job?


The more you understand what you want and get clear and focused on exactly that that is – visualize the outcome –  the faster it will come to you in your experience.  

I want to hear what your dream job is, hit reply and let me know.


I know you can have a great career and live a lifestyle of your dreams.



Christine Bove

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